Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smeared black ink

I've decided that I am going to MASTER drawing digitally! hahaha hopefully this temporary determination will get me somewhere.

School is starting in like TWO FREAKING WEEKS. which is not cool. because I still have to outline like 30 pages and make 30 flashcards and write a report.

ALSO, first person to guess who the person I drew above is (which I'm pretty sure will be hard to do...) will win a free drawingg! You pick a celebrity or send me a photo of someone, and I will draw them for you. Realistically. with my lovely, lovely graphite pencils. I would also like to thank you all for following, even though there aren't that many of you haha. It still means a lot. I promise to have some actual drawings that I take seriously up soon!

Oh and I switched emails for my blogger so that's why on my account it says I don't follow anyone. I am still following people, just not on blogger. I follow all the blog feeds, twitters, etc that I'm interested in on my google reader.