Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Water is so ridiculous to paint ahaha
I don't even know.

A gift for my calculus teacher! (He surfs, but I was too scared to paint a person surfing. Thus it's just a wave.) but shhhh... it's a surprise. I'll probably give it to him around Christmas time. Just wanted to get it done before the school year started and things got hectic!

Yay for first legitimate painting since freshman year? whoohoooo so psyched for another year of art!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester from Supernatural.

yeahhh... I don't watch this show. but he has a nice face. and that's the only reason I need ahaha. It's for, so just a bit a fun. I left it rough because I kind of like the look of the cross-hatching.

So close with being done with my summerwork. One and a half weeks left until school starts ahhhhh when did that happen.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


So far, every drawing in my moleskine is fairly quick, freehand sketch of a fashion photography reference. Different from what I usually draw (close-up facial portraits of male celebrities ahahah), but they're good practice.

This was practice with strong, clean lines, so I didn't go into much detail with shading and whatnot. A little minimalist, but it suits its purpose.

School is starting so soon. Aughhh summer where did you go.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Misha Collins from Supernatural

This is for a fun thing that euclase has put together called Draw Misha Day. You can submit drawings of Misha, and she'll post them all on August 21, I believe. Should be fun to see all the submissions! To be honest, I've never watched Supernatural or seen Misha Collins in anything else ahahah but he has a nice face. And that's all the reason I need to draw someone (:

So, this is my first graphite portrait in a while, and man does it feel good to draw again. Tried a new technique for his skin, which is drawing in tiny little circular patterns before blending with a tissue. I like the result, so I'll most likely be keeping to that in the future as well. Yeah. His proportions are slightly off, but this was mainly an excuse to get back into practice anyway.

Planning on doing some acrylic painting next, but I probably won't have much to show for it, since college apps are now upon me. annnd I need to finish my summerwork. I can't believe it's August already. Summer's going by so fast.