Saturday, April 10, 2010

We Could Be Heroes (Ewan)

Mr. Ewan McGregor
(post title comes from Moulin Rouge!)

Pretty happy with this, considering I got lazy in the end like I always do. There are aspects I don't like... but I'm kinda over it by now. I've noticed I tend to like a drawing less and less the more I look at it. Which is why most of mine get stuffed in some drawer after I finish them, haha. My mom always asks me why I give my drawings away... I feel that they're better appreciated when I give them to other people. Plus, I find it as motivation to draw just as well next time, so that if I keep it, I'll like it. I'm going to be kinda sad to see Ewan here go though... Now that I've taken another look at him, I'm quite fond of him... although I'm not sure whether that stems from my adoration for him as an actor or the work I put into drawing his face ahaha. Both, probably.

I'm giving Mr. McGregor here to my friend Danielle who was extremely generous in giving me these LOVELY, LOVELY supplies:
She's amazing. It's pretty ridiculous how excited I got when she told me I could have these (plus a nice pad of drawing paper which is what I drew Ewan on and a little Faber-Castell carrying case) . She claims she's had them for forever but she's never used them because she's primarily a digital artist. You can check out her stuff at her dA: Ewan is partially a thank-you gift and partially a HAPPY BIRTHDAY gift! (:

But yeah. I lied. I said I wasn't going to work on this for a while (because technically I wasn't supposed to). But since school is starting again on Monday, and thus I was not feeling like doing anything academically productive, I decided to finish him up. So here he is. With sucky beard and background and all. Still looking not-so-bad though, if I say so myself.

I need to get an eraser-pen so I can do details like scruff and stubble...
Also, fun-fact, I did his hair TWICE. Because the first time it looked like crap so I erased the entire thing and started over. And I still don't really like it.

Reference HERE! Absolutely beautiful photograph.

So, AP testing coming up, as I mentioned in my last post. meaning I am not drawing until basically, halfway through May.

That is, if these tests don't kill me first.



  1. OMG your drawings are so AMAZING!!!! love them! could you draw my when you have time? haha :P just kidding, but they're great!

  2. Thank youu so much!
    As of right now, I'm putting drawing on hiatus until I'm done with exams, but thanks for the support(: