Thursday, April 8, 2010

All The Stars Bend Over Sideways

This is nowhere near done, but I probably won't be able to work on it for a while because of testing coming up. Ignore his random bald spot. I've been having trouble with getting his hair right. Also ignore the completely off shadows/shading. And his unfinished suit.

I am absolutely dreading drawing his stubble. But I'm going to do it. Good practice, yeah?
(I've got a really nice reference lined up including freckles AND stubble! Probably saving it for summertime when I can really give it my all :D )
The beautiful reference photo I used is HERE.
I believe I'm allowed to draw it, after reading through the CC license...

Hopefully you can tell that this is Ewan McGregor, whom I absolutely adore. At one point in time, I was convinced that I had made him look like Aaron Eckhart. But I've fixed that now, I think.

Right, so. Improvement, I think, since last time I drew him back in August of 2009. (HERE)
When I have time, I'm changing my header and my side-panel link.

Ugh, I hate testing.

Stick around to see the finished product!

PS. Post title comes from one of my favorite songs, "A Comet On Its Way" by Duncan Sheik & Steven Sater. Sadly it got cut from Spring Awakening... ):


  1. Wow, I really like this one! I can understand how stubble may be a little tricky.. I'd never be able to do it!
    I really like the hair and kinda the unfinished look of the suit and tie.

    Really great drawing! :D

    Chloe X
    P.S. I completely know how you feel about the tests! :(

  2. Aw thank you, Chloe! Yeah, I'm kinda nervous because I've never attempted drawing facial hair before. But hopefully it won't turn out too bad? haha, we'll see.