Saturday, February 12, 2011

What I Wouldn't Do For You

Matt Doyle
Broadway: War Horse, Spring Awakening, Bye Bye Birdie. TV: Gossip Girl
I would recommend looking him up on youtube. He has a gorgeous voice.

The lighting in the reference is absolutely gorgeous, so I tried my best to get the same glowy effect. Colors are a lot of fun. On the other hand, painting metal is really hard and I kind of got lazy about those details. I'm happy with the result though! Not quite sure about the cropping though. I might change it later. But, ta-daa! First full portrait of 2011 completed!

CREDIT: Post title comes from the song of the same name by Ryan Scott Oliver, which Matt was singing when the reference photo was taken. Reference photo by Matthew Murphy.

Also, I've gotten an art tumblr! -->


  1. This is ridiculously good! I thought that this was the photo, genuinely! I have no idea how you can do digital art so well, it's a complete alien concept to me! I love the shadows and the light... That hoody, the microphone and the whole face is just astounding - the whole thing is amazing!

    Seriously well done :-)
    Chloe xxx

  2. so the close-up is even more amazing X)
    i really like how his hair turned out in this, aaah
    and his clothes look really great! I'm looking at your portrait of Rupert and the clothes' texture has a stunning difference :)))
    the details on the mic stand are really great, too
    the shiny parts make me happy ahahaha

  3. chloe- thank you! ahh I used to feel the same away about digital art before I started trying it. it really is different. especially since I rarely worked with colors before I started painting digitally. but it's great fun! and you should definitely try it if you get the opportunity(:

    danielle- ahahah that isn't even the real close-up. the actual original file is about twice as big as that one. high resolutionnn<3 and is there really that big of a difference? haha I can't really tell. glad you can see it though ahaha.
    and oh god I got so lazy on the mic stand. I hate painting things that are supposed to be metal and perfectly straight and so mechanical looking. guh. maybe I'll got back and fix it someday...

  4. I too thought this was a picture. I envy your ability Shana... I can't get much farther than stick figures. I also can't comprehend how artistic people like you can see things and put them to paper.

    What I like in each of your pieces is your sensitivity to shadowing. I am baffled as to how one comes about being able to create such meticulous detail and create the image of something three dimensional on a piece of paper or screen.

    Sorry for the long comment :]

  5. thank you so much for the lovely compliments! I'll admit that I usually find shadows really fun to do, especially in this portrait because the lighting was so pretty. as for being able to put what I see onto paper, it's really mostly practice. I started out drawing stick figures too haha. I just kept drawing and drawing until I figured out more and more about faces and proportions and whatnot. I do like details though! that's probably why my comfort zone is limited to realistic portraiture, and only if I have a reference.

    haha, don't apologize! I like long comments. it's always really nice to get feedback (: