Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Water is so ridiculous to paint ahaha
I don't even know.

A gift for my calculus teacher! (He surfs, but I was too scared to paint a person surfing. Thus it's just a wave.) but shhhh... it's a surprise. I'll probably give it to him around Christmas time. Just wanted to get it done before the school year started and things got hectic!

Yay for first legitimate painting since freshman year? whoohoooo so psyched for another year of art!


  1. but WOW... this is absolutely stunning. perfection. man idk how many times i've told you but you are amazing!


  2. I'm not sure why your blog posts have not been coming up in my updates on my home page, hence the incredibly delayed comment! I love love love this, water is INCREDIBLY difficult to convey via any sort of medium, so this is amazing! Seriously, this is so good and you are incredibly talented :-)

    Chloe xxx