Thursday, April 2, 2009

EDITED: art show

Surrealism, though it isn't very surreal. This was based off a reference of my old backyard.

"Light" was the topic for this one. I only used four colors: purple, yellow, white, black. It's not finished yet, though.

These two were both put up for a school art show. Sorry for the lame photo quality, but they were taken on my phone. I'll post better photos once I finish the second one, and once I find the reference for the first. (:

EDIT: The "Light" painting is going to be in an art show/benefit for my school again! (I'll post the references of the surrealism once my scanner stops acting up.)


  1. Shana Shana,
    you never stop amusing me

  2. ohhh love the light one it's beautifullll :}