Saturday, February 6, 2010

Matt attempt

Matt Doyle
Broadway's Bye Bye Birdie, Spring Awakening
He also sang the role of Peter in the album version of Bare

I am not really motivated to finish this because:
1. I don't think it really looks like him.
2. I really really suck at doing dark tones. And fabrics. And dark toned fabrics. (I probably need to buy a better 8B...and I need a 9B...)

but mainly because of 1.
Because I don't really want to invest a lot of time in something when I know I won't be happy with the result. So for now, I'm leaving this one like this. Expect to see his face on here again though, because I'm definitely not giving up on drawing him. I just need a better/easier ref... hahah. This one didn't really have a lot of shadows.

If you don't know who he is watch:
He's pretty much amazing(:


  1. Thank you very much, Shana, I had a great birthday :)! Haha, well I know quite a few people are going to do Latin (because in my school, it's compulsory to do at least one language and most people hate French, haha), but yeah, I know it's going to be really hard, but really rewarding, I guess. :)

    Yes! I'm so excited about New York and Chicago, we're only going to NYC for three days, I think, but it's very expensive there so three days is reasonable! But yes, I'd love to go to a Broadway show, I think seeing Wicked would be amazing! Can you recommend any other good tourist attractions to visit? :D

    Thanks Shana! Chloe XX

  2. Ah yes, I was talking about America with my mum earlier today and she said that she'd love to go see a Broadway musical too, so it's looking like a distinct possibility! And nope, I don't know the storyline of Wicked so thanks for the tip, I won't look it up! I know of it as it was featured in Ugly Betty, a million episodes ago and I really wanna see it!
    Yes, I've heard of the Met and everything, it sounds great. Also,my aunty lives in Chicago and she's gonna be taking us round and she recommended seeing a basketball game, what do you think? I think it'd be such a cool experience! Yeah, the Statue of Liberty is a must-see and I just really wanna roam around Times Square!
    It all sounds so amazing though, so thanks so much for the recommendations! I can't wait :D

    Chloe XX