Thursday, July 29, 2010


So I kind of feel like gridding is impairing my ability to draw from life, something that I've never felt I've been necessarily good at anyways. Plus, measuring all the sides of references and then doing the same with my drawing paper is getting really annoying. I think I'd improve more if I stopped gridding for a while and focused more on drawing from sight. Plus I should probably pick up my tablet and actually learn how to use it since it costs way too much to just sit neglected under a pile of summerwork.

I'll probably go back to gridding eventually when I actually get tools to do details better. After all, it's basically foolproof if you're looking to draw a likeness of someone or something. But yeah! I need to work on life-drawing skills! Not that I have that much time because of summerwork anyway... ughh how is it almost August already....

I should probably do a self portrait one of these days.

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