Sunday, October 4, 2009

last day

I really like this blending with tissues technique... it makes everything look smooth and shiny :D
This self portrait actually reminds me a lot of 's style. I love her work, so I'm pleased with this, even though (again) it doesn't really look like me.
Click the image for full-view, please!

So, this is my last day of being 14. I don't think I'll look any different tomorrow. Oh, and my hair is only in braids because I want to get it wavy.

Don't expect a lot of posts soon... PSAT's coming up, so I'm gonna have to start studying a lot for that.



  1. Wow I love your self-portrait, really great drawing! I love blending with tissues too, it helps so much with realistic drawings, etc.
    Happy birthday for tomorrow, enjoy it! :)xx

  2. It's now your birthday, so happy birthday! :D
    Also, haha yes I sometimes watch Dr Who, my brother and sister watch it more than me but yeah I do on occasion, how come? :) Do you like Dr Who?Xx

  3. Aw wow, that's so cool, how do you watch it over there and how did you come across it?!
    And I knowwwww, David Tennant is amazing in it.. The new guy is gonna be so rubbish compared to him haha :) John Barrowman really annoys me though, I saw him live once at this Christmas lights thing and he seems really self-centred and stuff, haha. xxx

  4. oh wow, i have to say i'm not that great a artist, but you're amazing:) you're just unbelievabley talented! oh and happy birthday yesterday?
    again, omg you're amazing! <3

  5. Songst3r told me to come by and check out your art. And you have some nice stuff here :)

  6. Ah right haha, that's so cool :D
    And omg, no way John Barrowman is so annoying seriously! I don't want to burst your bubble haha but yeah :)
    Haha yeah, Matt Smith has some really big shoes to fill.. David Tennant is like the best Doctor, haha. :)Xxx