Saturday, March 12, 2011


n. The beginning of something, such as an undertaking; a commencement.

First drawing in my moleskine, which Danielle gave me for my birthday back in October. hahah took me a while to draw in it. I was a bit intimidated by all the blank pages and the nice paper they were made of, but I think I've conquered that fear now. But still, the paper is possibly the nicest I have ever drawn on.

Drawn without gridding or tracing or anything but looking at a reference, so I'm pretty happy with this sketch. It probably took an hour or two. I found the reference image somewhere on tumblr months ago and saved it because I liked her haircut ahahha. I really wonder what she's looking at in the photograph though...
but yeah, hair is way easier to do with graphite pencils. I smudged this drawing a bit... meh. hopefully it isn't that noticeable. I haven't drawn with my pencils in a long time, so I wasn't as careful.

As for what I'll decide to draw on the blank page, who knows?

title comes from the fact that I've started drawing in my moleskine. Also, I definitely had a two-level dream last night upon which I woke up with an idea...

Also, visit Danielle! -->her blog | her dA
Without her, this drawing would not have been possible because she gave me the moleskine and the pencils ahahah (:


  1. heheehhhh i approve of this picture :)
    my favorite part is definitely her hair, especially towards the top where the highlights go looks fantastic
    i'm just sitting here staring at the lines
    aaah layered dreams are the best.. I've only had one, but it was awesome
    and gotta study for calc now! yay

  2. (:
    I like her haiiir. a lot. the highlights did that in the photo ahaha
    I think that was the first layered dream I ever had. pretty cool