Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Danielle and the Doctor

drew my friend Danielle with the tenth Doctor (played by David Tennant, from Doctor Who) for her birthday. I think she's seen this by now. If not, why the crap haven't you opened your presents yet, Danielle.

first time kind of compiling photo references to produce one drawing. I should probably thank all of her orchestra friends for taking tons and tons of random photos of her because I pulled like at least five different ones to reference for this one drawing. Sorry if your arms/elbows look funky, Danielle. I didn't have a ref for them ahaha

PS: This is what I imagine your main outfit as traveling companion to a time lord would be.


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaaah this was the best
    the most best
    and yeah that's probably accurate hahahahaha all-situation type of outfit
    you already know this but you're so great and i love you and i'm not quoting song lyrics not at all

  2. I definitely don't know what song you're quoting from ahaha

    btw, I hope the book actually helps. Some of the other ones I looked through were way too detailed... plus most of them had actual photos of nude models, and I didn't want your mom to flip through it and think like, "what is shana giving my daughter?!?"