Monday, May 9, 2011

what I did in calculus

She's on her phone haha.
didn't do anything in class because we took our AP test last week.
one more exam! and then I paint.


  1. ellen! this is gooood i can tell it's her
    and bluh faces are hard to draw from above so good for you
    have fun paintinggg

  2. Lovely sketch, as per usual! :-)
    Thanks so much for the lovely comment - and not 6 months, 6 weeks haha. I break up for the summer on 21st July, which is way too long! And then I only get like 5 weeks of holiday this year. I am so jealous of you Americans' with your long summer 'vacation'! Haha :-)
    Yes, I am so excited to go and buy a Moleskine now, I will definitely enquire next time I go shopping. Can't wait! :-)
    Oh yes, Palahniuk is an absolute must. Well, the first I read was Fight Club, which is such a well-known classic. Choke's good and currently, I'm reading Diary. Lemme know if you want any other recommendations, I love reading!

    And yes, me too! Love Dr Who so much, it's so cool how you're so in love with it, despite living in America :-) The finale was so good, can't wait until autumn for it to come back.

    Chloe xxx