Saturday, July 9, 2011


Belated birthday present for my friend, Allison, who loves Damon Albarn and Gorillaz. Her birthday is in May, right smack in the middle of the AP testing hell weeks, so that's why it's late ahahaha

Second time using Prismacolors. I still feel rather like a grade-schooler while using them, since coloring is so foreign to me. Turned out all right though, although I'm not entirely happy with his eye or his clothing or the color scheme. ahahhaa oh well.

I need to paint sometime soon. I have 8 canvases sitting in my house. And I haven't even touched them.

Otherwise, summer is going swell. Keeping pretty busy but still have a good amount of free time. It's nice.

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  1. I still have two weeks left of school, so I am incredibly jealous! I love the freedom of summer and getting up whenever and being able to do pretty much whatever you want!

    This drawing is brill! I disagree with you though because I think the eye is brilliant, as are the clothes and the colour scheme is spot on! But then again, that's not exactly a surprise since I never have any criticisms of your artwork! :-)

    Glad to hear that your summer is going well!
    Chloe xxx