Wednesday, March 21, 2012

paint dump

cor cordium
First free choice done this year. Canvas is on the larger scale. It's supposed to be Love personified. The inscription in gold on the heart says 'cor cordium' which means heart of hearts in Latin. I had lot of fun with the limited color palette, and it was exciting doing something from imagination since I don't usually do that. The color red is really growing on me this year.

Free choice - I really liked how a sketch I did of a friend who sits in front of me in calc class turned out, so I turned it into a painting. This photo makes everything look really crooked... This was good hair and skin tone practice. And I really like how it turned out, especially against the dark chalkboard green.
 Assignment for class in which we had to paint something to do with the ocean for a local festival down at the harbor. It's technically a festival celebrating whales... but I didn't want to paint a whale... so I googled beach sunsets, found a pretty picture and painted it without the pier. I didn't try to keep this one realistic. Had fun with my fan brush doing rough, multi-colored strokes for the clouds and reflections on the water. The colors were lots of fun.
Assignment for class in which we took a field trip down to the beach and took a bunch of photographs for inspiration. My friend took this one of me, and I decided to paint it for the assignment. Meh. got bored with this one a bit. It's just... nice. Doesn't really do anything for me. So of course, this is the one my mom likes the most...

My next canvas is almost bigger than I am (:

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  1. Hi Shana, glad to see you're back with some updates :-) These are absolutely astounding! I always knew you could draw, but to top that all off, you paint amazingly as well! I really love all of them and you are so unbelievably talented :-) Liking the Latin instription too, noticed the slipping in of the genitive case ;-)

    Hope you're well!
    Chloe xxx